VCT Stands for Value Chain Transformation.

For any company today, the most important success criteria while remaining profitable and cash rich, remains meeting or exceeding Customer expectations; consistently over and over again.

Without good product and efficient operations it is impossible to achieve this feat.

We have seen many companies with great products and successful marketing & sales capability fail in achieving customer satisfaction as either they fail to deliver on -time or they have quality issues or their price is too high, all symptoms of inefficient Operations.

With eroding product differentiation and saturating markets, companies need to re-look and re-orient their focus on Operations as a lever for sustainable growth and ultimately a source of competitive advantage.

Companies such as Toyota Motors- Japan, Boeing USA, Indigo Airlines- India have made a mark with their outstanding operational performance.

In fact our research indicates an interesting fact: companies with efficient operations can innovate rapidly and come up with market dominating products 3X faster than competition. The reason being that senior management doesn't get dragged into a chaos caused by inefficient operations and can focus on evolving customer needs better.

How We Create Opportunities

Over 70% of value addition in the company’s products happens outside 4 walls of a factory. Hence we believe that there is tremendous value improvement opportunity to be unlocked at company’s vendors & supply chain, inbound & outbound logistics network, dealer network&demand fulfilment channels. This we call a Value chain of a company.

We help companies sync their operations into one of its sustainable and longterm competitive advantage.

The current inefficiencies in operations are mainly a result of a desynchronised value chain. Where priorities for example of Supply chain department is different from production, production priorities differ from sales, design is disconnected from planning and planning is intern on a different level than sales

What We Do

Our focus is to find highest opportunity areas for improvement throughout our client’s value chain to strengthen 3 most important strategic operational metrics for the company:

  • A Consistent On-Time Delivery In Full Performance
  • Capability to deliver First time Right every-time.
  • A continuous pursuit to reduce Lead-time & hand-offs at every node in Value Chain.

Over past 22 years we have consulted companies from various industries; from Areospace to Automobile and from Machinery to Mechanical.

Some of the illustrious engagements were with the likes of: Boeing Company -USA, Mahindra & Mahindra- India, Kirloskar Group- India, Cummins India & USA, Ford Motor Company- India & USA, JLG Group- USA, Kirloskar Ebara Corporation India & Japan.

VCT Consulting

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