Our Offerings

End-to-End Synchronised Value Chain Management “System”:

Over the past decade of it’s existence VCT Consulting has worked with global organisations from diverse industry sectors; from consumer goods to automotive industry to highly engineered products.

We concentrate on dramatically improving 3 Key Parameters of Business Operations, Quality-Cost-Delivery. Our entire focus is to help our client-partners build extremely effective and highly efficient processes in the Value Chain to achieve True Synchronicity.

Our Offerings

We have distilled our learning and experience of past 20 years into continuously perfecting a unique operational management “system”.

The System establishes flow through out the Value Chain & synchronises actual customer demand to Procurement through Manufacturing.

It enables a environment where the true demand in the market is replicated in every process up-stream and an uninterrupted Flow across the Value Chain.

The system helps our Client’s achieve dramatic Effectiveness & Efficiency in their operations through out their value chain.

Prime Benefits (Figures achieved by our clients)
On time Delivery: 98%
Demand Fulfillment: 100%
Reduction in Order to Delivery Lead Time: 88%
Inventory Turns: 32

We customise and separately offer above “System” to companies involved in

1. Mass Production

  • Integrated Value Chain

    The System aims to establish a pull through the Value Chain.

    The Value Chain can be identified as 3 distinct Segments

    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
    • Procurement

    VCT Consulting has developed a strategy for each of these segments

  • Distribution

    We call it “The Pull System”.
    The process starts with developing strategy for each product/SKU based on it’s demand pattern & associated fulfillment lead time.
    Next step creating stocking policies (MTS/MTO/ATO) and scientifically calculated buffers across the distribution network.
    The network is linked through the Pull System which enables consumption based replenishment.
    The Pull System put’s an upper cap on inventories throughout the network and ensures High service levels.
    A bi-product of the Pull System is an opportunity to design an efficient Logistics System using a predictable lead time and frequency model.

    Implemented For:

    Mahindra & Mahindra- Auto Sector
    Mahindra & Mahindra- 2 Wheelers

  • Manufacturing

    The Pull System in Distribution is tied up to Manufacturing through a “Consolidated Planning & Production System”.

    The strategy adopted to synchronize Manufacturing & Distribution is to consolidate the catered demand either directly from the market or via capturing the depletion level in the Distribution network.

    The objective is to mirror the demand in the market on the shop-floor. The System helps in meeting 100% demand in least possible Order to Delivery Lead Time.

    Implemented For
    Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
    Cummins India Ltd.
    Mahindra & Mahindra- Auto Sector

For Engineer/Make-to-Order Companies we offer

  • Synchronised Value Chain


    Close to 100% On Time Delivery in Full performance from the current baseline to be achieved in max of 12 Months Time.

    Consistent Order to Delivery Lead Time

    Quality – Material & Information

    • Right First Time – 100%
    • “0” Line Rejects
  • Solution Philosophy

    Creating Value Streams to bring focus to every customer and every individual order.

    • Expanse of the Value Stream will cover every Activity from Receipt of Customer Enquiry to Delivery of the finished product to the end customer
    • The Value Streams would be oriented around customers and will account for existing customer grouping
    • C. The Value Streams would be self-sufficient & responsible for complete end-to-end operations.
  • Re-engineering the following


    • The structure of the organisation will be oriented around the concept of “Focus to every Order”
    • The starting point would be an in-depth understanding of each & every role in the value chain, the hierarchy and escalation matrix
    • Building a new structure with clear cut & defined roles and responsibilities for every functional expert in the team
    • Segregation of Operational & Strategic roles. The operational roles will be taken care by the Value Streams (Maintain & Improve)
    • The Functional Heads would be elevated to perform the Strategic Role and undertake Reform Initiatives to enhance the performance of the organization
    • The Role of Support functions like IT and Accounts & Finance would be reviewed to synergize with the functioning of the Value Stream

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