Our Values

Although our form is consulting, our attitude is hands-on. We think our client engagements as opportunity to deliver measurable results. While we tailor our recommendations to each company’s situation, we make the calls as we see them.

We get into a win-win partnership structure with our clients where we share a small percentage of savings or gains resulted through implementing our recommendations.

Hence we almost always get into a implementation based assignments where we are not stingy with our time or our ideas. We do not believe in holding back. We do not sell ideas but our ability to generate and implement them.

We find that simple business relationships are most conducive to clear expectations and satisfaction on both sides.

The basis for our recommendations

We have methods in our work, but we don't have a rigid 12-step methodology to apply to every factory. Our focus is on our clients' business results, not on process conformance. Like everyone, we use lists to jog our memory, but we do not believe in "checklist audits," formally rating a plant by check marks or points on its technical and managerial practices. A company can do everything “right” according to such a standard and still go bankrupt, while a more open-minded competitor prospers.

Our recommendations for an improvement plan are based on the client’s business strategy and on an analysis of the company’s position within its supply chain, its process capabilities, equipment capacities, material flow patterns, quality practices, production control methods, and organization structure. Then, as projects move forward, we encourage clients to measure their impact on their key business metrics.

Not every practice from the automobile industry is applicable everywhere else. Every industry requires adaptation and the development of new concepts, but it doesn't mean that a plant manager can cherry-pick some parts of lean manufacturing while ignoring others. There are subtle dependencies between, for example, shop floor layout, production control, and human resource management that cannot be ignored when deciding which projects to undertake and in what sequence.

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